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Common questions

ESSENTIAL (Up to 1000 orders/month): $37/per month

GROWTH (Up to 5000 orders/month): $97/per month

ENTERPRISE (+5000 order.) Contact for custom price.
+5000 order/month please contact
Prices are Ex. Vat. 

No absolutely not. We have a great relationship with Google analytics. We sent the profit directly into Googles server everytime you get an order. As for Facebook we sent it trough their tracking pixel as default. But dont worry a customer would have to look hard in order to find it in source code and know where to look, if they will find it they have had to pay for the order first. But we are working right now with facebook on sending it trough the server, just like for Google analytics . The integration should be ready within the next month. 

You will get charge per website/domain. But you will get discount on the second and following websites. If you have more than one store, please contact us to get an offer that fits you business needs. 

We’ll give you time. Just let us know and we’ll happily extend your trial.

Will we be charged when our trial is up?

We’d be happy to answer them on 

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