POAS and Profit bidding

  • Break even is always 1
  • Teach algorithms to find profitable customers
  • Switch to Profit Bidding
  • No change in work routines
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Break even is always 1

It's simple - really.

POAS is gross profit divided by ad spend i.e. what you've earned and what you've spent. If you make $50 profit, your break even for ad spend is $50 i.e. POAS 1.

POAS 1.3 means 30% profit.

It makes y a whole lot easier to see through - right?

Ready to stop wasting ad spend?

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Teach the algorithms and switch to Profit Bidding

From the minute you start sending ProfitMetrics.io profit data to the marketing channels, the algorithms will start learning.

So we'll teach them how to find profitable customers for your ecommerce business and make the switch to Profit bidding

This is how companies like Grejfreak achieved high growth with 60% less ad spend - read the case here.

Work the way you are used to

Woking with ProfitMetrics.io takes very little getting used to. In fact, the most difficult part is trusting that it really is that easy.

We enrich your preferred marketing platforms, so you or your specialists can continue working, as you've always done.

The main difference is the transparency and accuracy of the data - and the heightened performance of course.

See your profit in real-time

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