Real time profit dashboard

  • Real time profit overview
  • Transparency of your profitability
  • Monitor and analyse your cost structure
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Real time profit overview

Do you know what your profit is today? No?

The Dashboard lets you check your profits by the minute - anywhere and anytime.

Put an end to time-consuming spreadsheets, untransperant ROAS calculations and the stress of uncertainty.

Ready to stop wasting ad spend?

Get started immediately, no credit card required.

Full transparency of costs

Transparency is control.

To optimize your business, you first need to understand your weak spots. The Dashboard gives you a full break-down of your costs and ratios. The "rooms for improvement" will present themselves for you.

React on profit trends

When the train has left the station, it's too late to get on.

The daily profit insights can show you when to increase your efforts and when to keep your money tight as the trends unfold. No need to wait for the accountant to tell you what you should have done.

See your profit in real-time

Get started immediately, no credit card required.