Shopping Booster for Google Ads

Control What Products Performance Max Prioritizes With Shopping Booster

Easy-to-use labelizer for Performance Max and Shopping campaigns. The days of time-consuming feed configuration or script modifications are over. Be up and running within the hour

The Problem with Performance Max

Why You Must Use A Labelizer

Google's AI is incredible at meeting targets, like ROAS. But it doesn’t understand how these goals impact your business.

Consider this: You set a target ROAS of 5X. Google achieves this target by averaging the ROAS across all products in the campaign.

Google could spend the same amount on two products, one hitting a ROAS of 7X and the other 3X - hereby hitting its target.

But is this what you really want? Likely not.

You would likely want to decrease bid on unprofitable products and increase spend on profitable ones?

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Get Insights Into The True
Performance of Shopping Ads

Direct Google's AI to optimize for generating profit for your business

The Problem In Grander Scheme

Common problem: Up to 50% of the total ad budget is spent on unprofitable products, and 60% of the products are 'sleeping'—never receiving any clicks or impressions. This happens because products with varying performance are all placed into a single Performance Max campaign with one average target.

Solution: Segment your products into different campaigns based on their performance. Shopping Booster enables you to separate profitable products from unprofitable ones, and sleeping products from the rest. This approach allows you to direct your ad budget towards highly profitable products while uncovering new opportunities among sleeping products.

Imagine how profitable you become, when you’re able to force Google to prioritize profit and discover new opportunities?

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Make Google Prioritize Products Important To You Shopping Booster

Shopping Booster lets you organize products in buckets, assign custom labels to them, and create Google Ads campaigns based on these dynamic labels. You can now dictate which products get prioritized - with their own budget and targets.

Use premade 1-click installation templates or make your own.

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Benefits of Shopping Booster for Google Ads

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What Our Customers Have to Say

The data ProfitMetrics provides us with gives us daily and real-time insights into the profitability of the campaigns of our clients - that enable us to make the right decisions regarding campaign management

Davey Stokkers

Head of SEA at Adwise

I love it when we get ProfitMetrics set up on various accounts. It makes a world of difference.

Andrew Lolk

Found of Savvy Revenue

I use ProfitMetrics in almost all of my Ecom accounts - and they have outstanding support!

Miles McNair

Founder of PPC Hub

Easy One-Click Templates

The POAS Booster Automation creates segmented buckets based on real product profitability and performance

Endless Profitable Options with Shopping Booster

Some combinations require first-party data import and are not working out-of-the-box

Prioritize New Products:

Give new product the opportunity to showcase their real performance.


Exercise control over bidding aggressiveness during specific sale periods.

Increase Profit After Ad Spend:

Optimize for increasing total net profit after ad spend with real POAS™ bidding.

Supplier Promotions:

Control bidding on specific suppliers during specific promotional periods.

Seasonal Products:

Bikini suits don’t sell well during the winter. Ensure Google starts and stops spending on seasonal items as needed.

Size Availability:

Implement more conservative bidding strategies for products with limited size availability

Liquidate remaining stock:

Promote the liquidation of low-stock or expired styles.

Power Pricing:

Promote products based on relative pricing position.

Ready to Take Your Shopping Ads to the Next Level?

Take back control and tap into the power of Google's bidding algorithm to align with your strategy and business goals, ultimately boosting the performance of your ad spend

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