ProfitMetrics lets you optimize your advertising after instead of turnover!

Get real-time profit overview and laserfocus on the profitability of orders, ads, campaigns and channels and harvest the full potential of automated profitbidding.

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[Case Study] doubled profits from Google Ads with Profit Bidding!


ProfitMetrics is your assurance that you do not spend money on ads and marketing channels that do not generate profits.

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If the above sounds interesting, then allow us to give you the full introduction to ProfitMetrics below – a Danish-developed software that will revolutionise your way of running a webshop!


Get live data on your company’s profitability!

No more waiting in suspense until the end of the month or quarter to see if your company has generated a profit or not. ProfitMetrics gives you live data around your earnings. You can easily and automatically get a complete picture of how healthy your business is – all on a daily basis!

Stop the guesswork and get a complete overview of your profits today!


Are your ads really profitable? No more need to guess!​

ProfitMetrics has been underway for more than 2 years. The need for the software first arose after running an online store where the following challenges because a daily headache.

To this day, the vast majority of webshops face the above challenges – and it will no doubt be costing you dearly. That’s why for the past 2 years we have been developing ProfitMetrics, to remove guesswork and “gut feelings” when it comes to calculating profits.

Our customers say:

Our company has been a test case and I can only say 👍💯. we thought we knew everything about our store, but we have become all the wiser. It’s always good to know where in the circus of business you make money and where to invest it.🤝. Vi er vilde med det, og det er nemt at gå til. We love it and it’s easy to access. We’ve already been recommending it to others who want 110% control of their economy 🥳🥳
Torben Kulmbak
Co-founder Ketshop
With Profitmetrics we can now scale our advertising with 100% confidence that we will make money and track revenue and losses down to the keyword. he amount we’ve saved is as valuable as gold dust as we’ve cut 20% in Ad spend on Google Shopping without dropping profits 🚀​
Kristian Tinho
Head of Search manillo

Get full transparency and stop your unprofitable ads today!

It’s time for you to find the hidden winners among your ads!

Do you know exactly what ads are generating profits? Barely! Many webshops make the mistake of calculating ROAS at the revenue level – in other words, revenue is held up against ad spend. However, this is extremely misleading and can be dangerous to the business’s earning capacity. Let us illustrate an example for you below.

A genuine “winning campaign” - or what?

Profit calculation:

  • Selling price: $75
  • Shipping fee: $0 (Free over $70)
  • Total revenue: $75
  • Cost price: - $52
  • Shipping Cost: - $8
  • Gross profit: $15
  • Spend on paid ads: - $15

    Google Ads cost

  • Net profit: $0
🛑 Old Way
ROAS from Revenue:
$75 revenue / $15 adspend
= 5X (ROAS)
✅ New WAY (with
Real ROAS from profit:
Profit $15/ adspend $15
= 1X (POAS) 👎 Break even

A ROAS of 5 may seem fantastic on paper – but there is more to the picture than just revenue and ad spend. As can be seen from the above example, the campaign actually dips below 0! The “real” POAS (profit on advertising spend) is at 1.

Most people in charge of campaigns will most likely choose to turn up the above campaign. What can go wrong? ROAS is 5 and scaling is a marketing manager’s middle name, isn’t it?! Not quite – and this is where profit calculation is essential for any business.
If the cost of returns and the payment gateway is included in the above example, then we are suddenly scaling a campaign that’s losing the company money.
How often do you think the above scenario plays out on a daily basis?

The “losing” campaign may prove to be a winner!

Profit calculation:

  • Selling price: $20
  • Shipping fee: $5 (Free over $70)
  • Total revenue: $25
  • Cost price - $5
  • Shipping Cost: - $5
  • Gross profit: $15
  • Spend on paid ads: - $10

    Google Ads cost

  • Net profit: $5
🛑 Old Way
ROAS from Revenue:
$25 revenue $10 adspend
= 2.5X (ROAS)
✅ New WAY (with
Real ROAS from profit:
Profit $15/ adspend $10
= 1.5X (POAS) 👍 profitable

Don’t be fooled by a low ROAS calculated based on revenue and ad spend. The above example shows that a ROAS 2.5 can easily be profitable. The real POAS (Profit on advertising spend) calculated with profit shows that we are making money from the campaign! Most marketing managers would have turned off the campaign and allocated the budget to the aforementioned campaign with the vacuum cleaner – but it can have fatal consequences!

Use POAS (Profit on advertising spend) and save up to 20% on your ad spend today!


The most asked questions:

It’s easy to get started. All you need is the following:
Install ProfitMetrics on the shop with one of our modules.

  • Get your cost prices through the module or upload a csv file to the system.
  • Fill in a few settings and link up your Google Analytics and Facebook accounts.
  • Once that’s done, you can start optimising and measuring the true profits.

You choose how much data to input into ProfitMetrics to calculate the profit. At the very least, you must complete the following:

  • The costs of your products (have you already entered these into your CMS-system? Then in a few minutes we can convert the feed so it is customised for ProfitMetrics! Alternatively, they can also be entered manually.)
  • Your shipping costs

If you want to make the calculations even more accurate, you can add information about:

  • Cost per item picked.
  • Costs associated with the shipping packaging.
  • Payment fees for your payment gateway.
  • A discount, code, etc. is always deducted in the calculation so that it becomes as accurate as possible.

We have a close dialogue with both Google and Facebook, so we have developed integrations that make it easy and quick to integrate ProfitMetrics with these systems. We have, of course, prepared detailed guides that you simply have to follow when you set up the software on your site. See the guide here

No, you will still get exactly the same information in Google analytics and Facebook ad manger as you did before integrating ProfitMetrics.

With ProfitMetrics, you just add an extra column to the individual systems you’re your profit. Therefore, you will still be able to see revenue, number of conversions, and ROAS based on revenue, as you might already be accustomed.

Yes, naturally you can use ProfitMetrics in collaborating with Facebook Attribution.

Integrating with other channels and exchanging data should be easy. That is why we have developed a number of standard integrations.

ProfitMetrics integrate directly into: Shopify, Magento 1.9, Woocommerce, and dandomain.

However, using our universal script, we can integrate with all systems. All you need to do is add a tracking script on the “thank you page” and adjust some parameters.

If your solution is not there yet, please contact our support team and they will be happy to assist you further.

Of course. The goal for us was to make using ProfitMetrics as easy as possible. That is why we have simplified the system and prepared elaborate guides (both written and in video format) that are easy and quick to follow. In addition, we are ready to help you if you have any questions or need help setting up.

No. We have modules and plugins for the most common shop systems. If we have not developed a module for your shop software, then please write to us. However, using our universal script, we can integrate with all systems. All you need to do is add a tracking script on the “thank you page” and adjust some parameters. Please contact us if you have any questions.

You pay per website/domain. 

If you have more than one store, contact us to get a quote that suits your business needs.

No, they can’t. We send profit data directly to Google’s server every time you receive an order. No one can see it but you.

As for Facebook, we send it through their tracking pixels by default. If the customer wanted to see it, they would have to find it in the source code and know where to look – even then, they still have to pay for their order first. But we are currently working with Facebook to send it through a secure server, just like we do with Google. The integration should be ready within the next month.

Under the “Prices” tab you can see the prices of Prices are based on the number of monthly orders. So, the price reflects the size of the business.

You’ll have the option to close the account. If you choose to stay, simply enter your credit card and the subscription will start up and withdraw the amount for the first month.

Get full transparency and stop your unprofitable ads today!