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It’s easy to tell how much revenue you bring in from marketing campaigns. But are they profitable?
That’s where ProfitMetrics can help. Our tool measures the real profitability of paid advertising.
By using profit data Inside of Google Analytics and Facebook Ads Manager!

Lower Adspend, Maximize Profit.

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We Built The Tool We Always Wanted for Ourselves.

ProfitMetrics automatically delivers gross profit data directly to your Google Analytics and Facebook Ads Manager dashboards.

We’ve been in your shoes! Our team has run large Ecommerce stores and were been frustrated by how hard it is to get real time profit data into the dashboards of Google Analytics and Facebook Ads Manager – exactly where we needed it the most. Instead of just wishing for it, we built it! And now, we are sharing it with the Ecommerce community. You’ll now be able to make the right marketing decisions for your business without even breaking a sweat!

Here's how it works

Get profit data inside Google Analytics
Get profit data inside facebook Ads Manager

The #1 Paid Advertising Mistake Almost ALL Ecommerce Marketers Are Making

E-commerce businesses spend millions of dollars on online marketing, But between the scaling, pausing and creating campaigns, they’re not always profitable. Some Facebook or Google campaigns might appear to be working, but are you really sure?
Measuring a campaign’s performance using only by revenue, are misleading. The only way to really measure the success, of a campaign is to use real profit!

Most marketers calculate the average profit margin of their revenue. From that, they can figure out the required Return on Ad Spend they need in order to break even or make a profit from paid traffic.

If you use this method, you really need to continue reading!

If you only have a few products in you Ecommerce store, you might not think that you have a problem with making sure your campaigns are profitable. But what happens if an order includes several different products, a discount code, multiple product variations and free shipping?

It’s complicated to calculate the REAL Return On Ad Spend with so many potential combinations, especially when you start paid marketing campaigns across different channels.

Imagine how much money can could earn or save if you knew the actual profit from every single order.

That is NOT Real ROAS. Let us show you why.

The "Home Appliances" store:

Say your home appliances store has an overall average profit margin of 33% on each product sold.To break even, you can spend up to 33% of your revenue on paid ads. So, using traditional marketing practices, any target Return On Ad Spend of a minimum of 300% or 3X the investment in advertising would be acceptable for this store.
But as you’ll see below, that’s not always the case

The "winner" campaign

Vacuum cleaner

  • Selling price: $75
  • Shipping fee: $0 (Free over $70)
  • Total revenue: $75

  • - Cost price: $52
  • - Shipping Cost: $8
  • Gross profit: $15
  • - Spend on paid ads: $15
  • Net profit: $0

Old way: ROAS from Revenue
$75 revenue $15 adspend = 5X

New way: Real ROAS from profit
Profit $15/ adspend $15 = 1X (Break Even)

If you just look at the old calculation, this campaign looks like a winner. The ROAS is 5X,. WOW, right?!

This is a higher ROAS than the 3X that the store generally needs to break even. This must be good, right? A true winner.. Or is it?
Many marketers would assume it was a winner and scale this campaign. But the calculation using the true profit, shows us that this campaign actually only breaks even and could easily cost us money if we took in fulfillment and return costs into the calculation.

Are you seeing where we are going with this?

Let’s take another example.

The “Looser” campaign


  • Selling price: $20
  • Shipping fee: $5 (Free over $70)
  • Total revenue: $25

  • - Cost price: $5
  • - Shipping Cost: $5
  • Gross profit: $15
  • - Spend on paid ads: $10
  • Net profit: $5

Old way: ROAS from Revenue
$25 revenue $10 adspend = 2.5X

New way: Real ROAS from profit
Profit $15/ adspend $10 = 1.5X

Chances Are, You’re Probably Doing This Mistake Right Now With Your store!

This is the new way of ROAS.

The knife set had a Return On Ad Spend of only 2.5X when calculated based on the revenue.
Because this is under the average ROAS of 3X needed for the store to be profitable, most marketers would have shut down the knife set campaign. But when we calculate the real ROAS from the true profit on this particular item, it actually shows that you get $1.50 on every dollar spent on the campaign.
That’s a remarkable campaign!
You will have no idea where you are losing money with the old way of calculating ROAS, and no way to take action.

Start making profit-driven decisions today!!

ProfitMetrics magically transforms your Google and Facebook dashboards to display gross profit

ProfitMetrics automates profit calculations in the background.
With our system, the real gross profit on every order in your store will be sent directly into the Google Analytics dashboard and Facebook Ads Manager, so you’ll be able to immediately make informed decisions on all your paid campaigns.
ProfitMetrics will even show you how well your Google Ads keywords are performing, how much profit your e-mail marketing is generating, and or what headline made the most profit in your Facebook spilt-test.

Here are just a few examples of questions that ProfitMetrics can answer for you:
  • What’s the effect on Gross Profit in heavy promotion periods?
  • Which channels Delivers the highest REAL Return on your marketing spend?
  • Which product delivers the highest Gross Profit and REAL ROAS?
  • How can we increase our gross profit margin?
  • How should we adjust CPC bid on Keywords or campaigns to reduce the overall cost and make more profitable growth?

Know where to use you marketing budget.
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The REAL Money Lies In The 20%

Don’t let unprofitable ads ruin your business!

Have you ever heard of the 80/20 rule? 
You probably have. If not, you are still in for a treat. You will soon see how ProfitMetrics is able to help you optimize your profits from Day #1!

When looking at online businesses today, usually 80% of the profit is being made
by 20% of the products. Wait… What about the other 80% of the products?!

The answer is exactly what you are thinking – they’re a waste of money! 

This 80/20-rule can also be applied to products being sold through paid advertisements online.
Is that acceptable? Of course not!

With ProfitMetrics you’ll be able to see exactly which products are profitable and which are not.
Don’t turn a blind eye to all the unprofitable products in your Ecommerce store. Let us help you optimize your business by providing you with the exact profit of each order. And the best part? You’ll be able to see which paid campaigns are contributing to your profits, and which campaigns should be shut down immediately!

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Getting started is as easy as:


Getting ProfitMetrics on you site is easy. Install one of our modules or use the Universal tracking code​​

Add your costs

Add you cost prices. By either uploading csv, use costprices right from the store backend or add them manually.

See results​

See the profit data inside Google analytics and Facebook ads manager. Start making informed decisions based on the profit.​


Google Analytics, Google Ads , Facebook Ads manager, Facebook attribution, Facebook Analytics and API (coming soon).

Revenue, Expenses, Profit and Inventory value.​

Default markup (used for missing cost prices on products), (COGS) Cost price, Payment processing fee and Fixed cost per order.​

Shopify, Magento 1.9, Woocommerce, Dandomain, Google Tag manager and Universal script (Connect to any ecommerce platform)



$ 37 Billed Monthly, no contracts.
  • Up to 1000 orders/month
  • Send profit to Facebook ads manager and Google Analytics
  • Profit reports
  • Ecommerce Integrations
  • Email/Chat support


$ 97 Billed Monthly, no contracts.
  • Up to 5000 orders/month
  • Send profit to Facebook ads manager and Google Analytics
  • Profit reports
  • Ecommerce Integrations
  • Email/Chat support


Custom Contact
  • From 5001 orders/month
  • Send profit to Facebook ads manager and Google Analytics
  • Profit reports
  • Ecommerce Integrations
  • Email/Chat support

Prices are Ex. Vat.  For stores with +5.000 order/month please contact support@profitmetrics.io for a special price.



ESSENTIAL (Up to 1000 orders/month): $37/per month

GROWTH (Up to 5000 orders/month): $97/per month

ENTERPRISE (+5000 order.) Contact for custom price.
+5000 order/month please contact support@profitmetrics.io. Prices are Ex. Vat. 

No absolutely not. We have a great relationship with Google analytics. We sent the profit directly into Googles server everytime you get an order. As for Facebook we sent it trough their tracking pixel as default. But dont worry a customer would have to look hard in order to find it in source code and know where to look, if they will find it they have had to pay for the order first. But we are working right now with facebook on sending it trough the server, just like for Google analytics . The integration should be ready within the next month. 

You will get charge per website/domain. But you will get discount on the second and following websites. If you have more than one store, please contact us to get an offer that fits you business needs. 

We’ll give you time. Just let us know and we’ll happily extend your trial.

Will we be charged when our trial is up?

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