Tracking e-commerce performance with real-time profit overview

We calculate the gross profit per order and provide you with:

  • Profit data in Google Ads and Facebook Ads to activate POAS® bidding
  • A realtime profit dashboard for profitability management
  • Best practice server-side tracking

Our customers have saved up to 60% on ad spend by cutting the unprofitable ads alone.

  • 14-day free trial
  • No credit card required
  • Easy and fast setup

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Scale true winners and cut the losers​

Stop wasting money on unprofitable ads. Our customers have saved 10-60% of your ad spend without lowering sales.​
Real-time profit dashboard

Keep track of your profitability

With the click of a button, you can see your daily gross profit, profit after ad spend and even profit after your fixed costs.​ No more spreadsheets - react to changes in your business immediately.
POAS® bidding and optimisation

Teach Google Ads to find profitable customers automatically enriches the algorithms with profit data to help them find the most profitable customers and order combinations.​ Set target goals in paid ads based on profit, instead of revenue. works with both Google Performance Max and Google Smart Bidding

Serverside-to-Serverside integration

Best practice conversion tracking

We collect and send data via serverside-to-serverside integrations. Perhaps you’ve noticed the discrepancy in conversions between Google ads and your ecommerce platform?

We've built the tracking to make sure we get as close to 100% tracking and attribution as possible.

POAS® bidding and profit dashboards

See the video to learn how enables your business to make profitable decisions.

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What is POAS® ?

POAS® is a marketing KPI calculated in the following way:

Gross profit / Ad spend

The break-even point of POAS® is 1.

This means, if you have POAS 2.3 on a campaign, you are making $2.3 for each $1 you spend. It makes a lot of decisions easier, right?

We factor in all variable order costs:

  1. COGS
  2. Shipping cost
  3. Packaging fee
  4. Fixed costs
  5. Scheduled costs
Want to learn more? Read the ROAS vs. POAS®

Control What Products Performance Max
Prioritizes With Shopping Booster

Shopping Booster lets you organize products in buckets, assign custom labels to them, and create Google Ads campaigns based on these dynamic labels. You can now dictate which products get prioritized - with their own budget and targets.

Use premade 1-click installation templates or make your own.

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We're constantly developing new integrations to popular ecommerce and marketing platforms.
See full list of integrations
Magento 1.9
Magento 2
Shopware 6
DanDomain Classic
Golden Planet
Universal integration
Google Ads
Facebook Ads
Google Analytics
Google Analytics 4

We integrate server-side to server-side. We collect order data from the servers of the listed ecommerce systems, then calculate the profit and send the data back into the marketing platforms e.g. via Facebook conversion API.

Didn't see your required integration? Get in touch doubled their profits

How would the future of your business change if you could save 60% on ad spend while increasing gross profit with 23%?​
5.81 %
32 %
23.6 %
Gross Profit
-60.47 %
Ad Spend
Learn how they did it Read the case here

Don't just take our word for it

Our customers and agency partners back it up
'The data profitmetrics provides us with, gives us daily and realtime insights into the profitability of the campaigns of our clients. That enables us to make the right decisions regarding campaign management.'
Davey Stokkers
Head of SEA at Adwise Your Digital Brain
After setting up, it has been much easier for both our marketers and the management to get an overview of where the profit comes from - which has gradually helped to create good results on the bottom line. The level of support is also very high. You are taken seriously as a customer and get answers to your inquiries with rocket speed. 5 stars from here. :-)
Marketing at
"We were up and running in half an hour and immediately started to get an overview of our earnings".
Partner at Pure Power
“We have several webshops and collaborate with several agencies. So, getting one place with the overview and the ability to dive into the profit numbers is invaluable because we can see exactly how much more we earn now that we have”​
Henrik K
Founder of Danish Bike​
“The whole system is a huge success for us. The ability to go in and determine which channels are generating profit has been absolutely crucial - and surprising - for us.”​
Mathias W​
Founder of Hofstrawagner​
"I love when we get ProfitMetrics setup into our various accounts. It makes a world of difference."
Andrew L
Lead PPC Strategist - SavvyRevenue
“The hourly price it would cost alone to do the calculation yourself once is higher than having it served on a silver platter - daily and in real time - in the channels we use. It is simply a no-brainer for us.”​
Founder of Bluxglasses​

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