How to work around the iOS 14 reporting issues

We enable you to maintain a high level of transparency in your paid marketing efforts post-iOS 14.

As you might have heard, Facebook is undertaking a complete remake of their advertising platform, as a consequence of the iOS 14 and ATT update from Apple.

This will have an impact on how can work with Facebook. In short, it is necessary to rethink the setup.

We've taken this chance to not only fix but in fact improve our platform to give you even more transparency of your business performance.

So we decided to do two things - exciting things I might add!

Profit attributions report

Soon, we'll launch a completely new attributions report on the platform. "But how is that going to help" you might ask. Well, allow me to explain.

Serverside-tracking of 1st party data

One of the major implications of the iOS14 update is the ability to track and measure the performance of channels and campaigns. Facebook will have less, delayed, and aggregated data to optimize and report on. This will inevitably have a negative impact on the Facebook algorithm and make it less effective. Nobody can change that. It is not an ideal situation for the digital marketer. Luckily, there are things you can do to mitigate the negative effect. One very important step to make, is to start tracking your own data and do your own reporting.

We solve this by building server-side tracking, which collects 1st party data directly from your e-commerce platform. Thereby, the profit attribution report enables you to maintain a high level of transparency in your campaign reporting, when Facebook reports are forced to be limited. The server-side tracking is much more reliable than the current client-side tracking scripts/pixels and makes it possible to reach up to 100% data density. You'll see all conversions without delay and data is available much longer than the 7-day window, which will limit Facebook reporting going forward. Naturally, we will enrich the report with profit data and ad spends from the marketing platforms.

Best practice cross-platform attribution models

To make matters even better, we've decided that it is time for proper unbiased attribution modeling. Currently, the majority of digital marketers rely on a mix of Facebook and Google reporting. Even before iOS 14, this was an untransperant approach due to double-attribution i.e. the value of the same conversion being attributed more than once across the platforms. If the customer journey includes both touches with Facebook and Google Ads, each platform is likely to attribute the full conversion value to themselves i.e. you'll have more than 100% of your actual conversion value if you add them together. This will make each platform seem to perform better than they actually do.

The attribution report gives you one, comparable approach to all marketing channels. By including all conversion data across channels and applying unbiased attribution models, you'll be able to easily navigate the value of your top-funnel ads and the ones that close the sales. We do not claim to be able to present to 100% precise customer journeys - no one can do that if they are being honest. We will get you as close to the truth as technically possible, and present reliable and unbiased trends and signals to make profitable decisions. Just like attribution modeling was always meant to do.

New integration to Facebook

Naturally, we still want you to be able to have profit data in each marketing platform - including Facebook. The restrictions of iOS14 mean that you'll have to select whether to have revenue or profit data, as the value of a purchase event. Naturally, we are building the necessary integration to make the switch for you. We believe most businesses will agree that when you need to select ONLY one primary metric to measure performance, profit is the way to go.

We'll inform you when it's ready and how to make the shift, so you can continue to work from POAS® in your Facebook Ads Manager

We work a full speed

iOS 14 is now a reality and we are starting to see the impact. We will do our utmost to launch our new profit attribution report and tracking, as soon as we can. Thank you all for your patience.

POAS® is a simple setup away offers a world-first plug'n'play solution to real-time profit calculation.