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Profit data in Google Ads

  • Real-time profit data in Google Ads
  • Profit-bidding and -optimization
  • Server-side tracking for precise and secure data
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Google Ads integration to ProfitMetrics

You can't change what you can't see. Get transparency of your profitability directly in Google Ads and start making profitable choices on a daily basis.

Profit bidding in Google Ads

The integration to Google Ads gives you access to profit bidding, where you target the Smart Shopping and Smart Bidding campaigns towards a profit goal. For GrejFreak, this was a real game changer. Read the case story here

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Power up your Google Smart Shopping and Smart Bidding with profit data

Profit data in Google Ads can be the competitive edge you're looking for. The ability to make profitable manual choices, as well as, enriching the Google Algorithm with profit data, is a powerful business booster. 

Profit columns in Google Ads

See your profit on a campaign, ad set, ads and keyword level. Maximize your setup to your growth strategy.


Real-time profit data

Profit data is available per order in real time

Server-side to server-side

Accurate, stable and secure profit data connection


Fast and easy connection

POAS and Profit bidding

Target your Smart campaigns with a profit goal

Advanced data que

Make sure all data is delivered

Support Smart Shopping and -Bidding

Show the algorithm how to find your profitable customers

Other integrations

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