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Server-side Integration between Lightspeed and

  • Server-side integration and profit tracking Google Ads, GA4 & Meta
  • Get POAS and profit data in Google Ads
  • Track 17% more conversions with Conversion Booster
  • Complete setup achievable within just 20 minutes
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Server-side Tracking Integration between Lightspeed and

We've made profit data conveniently accessible to all Lightspeed users. Our module, equipped with a one-click-install feature, ensures optimal server-side integration and tracking on Google Ads, GA4, and Meta, laying a robust foundation for profit optimization as well as server-side revenue tracking.

Elevate Marketing Strategies with Profit Data from Lightspeed

The integration between Lightspeed and provides a seamless way to transmit profit data to marketing channels, thereby enhancing the profitability of your Lightspeed store.

Get server-side tracking with Conversion Booster for Google Ads

Activate the full potential of the Google Ads algorithm and watch your business ascend to new heights. The Google Ads Conversion Booster yields, on average, a 17% increase in conversion compared to standard Google Ads tracking, offering a significant uplift. 

By combining client-side, Enhanced Conversion (API), and server-side tracking, Conversion Booster equips you with superior quality and quantity of data for Smart Bidding and Performance Max Campaigns. Simply put, better data leads to better results. This works with both revenue and profit value tracking.

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Profit Data from Lightspeed to Facebook Ads

Upgrade your Facebook campaign manager by importing profit data from via the Lightspeed module. This offers a single-click, server-side connection to Facebook's Conversion API for a simple, stable, and secure connection.

Profit Data from Lightspeed to Google Ads with Server-side Tracking

Establish a connection between Lightspeed and Google Ads through and transmit real-time profit data to your campaigns. Effortlessly transition to automated POAS bidding. Server-side tracking and integration ensure accuracy and security. You'll never miss a conversion and your data remains concealed from competitors.

Profit Data from Lightspeed to Google Analytics 4 with Server-side Tracking

Monitor the performance of your Lightspeed ecommerce store based on profits using your Google Analytics standard, enhanced ecommerce, and 4 reporting. A single-click server-side connection is all you need. This works with both revenue and profit value tracking.

Key Features

- Server-side Integration: Near-perfect data foundation with a secure connection

- Conversion Booster for Google Ads Compatibility: Average 17% higher conversion tracking in Google Ads

- Real-time Profit Data: Immediate availability of profit data per order

- One-click-install: Quick and effortless connection

- Auto-generated Product Feed: The module auto-generates a product feed for

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