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Magento 1.9 integration to ProfitMetrics

  • All-in-one standard module - easy installation
  • Server-side integration by default
  • Change the module settings to mirror your unique order flow
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Integrate Magento 1.9 to

Our Magento 1.9 module is a true plug and play solution, to get profit data from Magento 1.9 into your preferred marketing channels.

The server-side integration makes sure that your data connection is stable and secure. Losing data with the client-side scripts from Facebook and Google is a thing of the past.

Standard module for easy install

The Magento platform is known for it's power and flexibility. By installing the module you can add the profit boost, your ecommerce business is looking for.

Following the simple install by your developer, all you need to do is enter the API key, make a few adjustments and viola - you're integrated with

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Connect Magento 1.9 the your marketing platforms

The Magento 1.9 module for enables you to reach the full potential of your marketing platforms. The combination of profit data enrichment, server-side tracking and 1st party data is the ultimate booster for you marketing efforts.

Profit data from Magento 1.9 to Facebook Ads

Enrich you Facebook campaign manager with a profit data from with the Magento 1.9 module. One-click, server-side connection to Facebook conversion API for easy, stable and secure connection.

Profit data from Magento 1.9 to Google Ads

Connect Magento 1.9 to Google Ads via and send real-time profit data to your campaigns. Easy switch to automated profit bidding. Server-side tracking and integration ensures accuracy and security. Never miss a conversion and all data is hidden for competitors.

Profit data from Magento 1.9 to Google Analytics

Monitor the performance of your Magento 1.9 ecommerce store based on profits in your Google Analytics standard, enhanced ecommerce and 4 reporting. One-click server-side connection.


Serverside integration

As good as 100% data foundation and secure connection

Real-time profit data

Profit data is available per order in real time


Fast and easy connection

Auto-generated product feed

The module automatically generates a product feed for

Other integrations

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