Ecommerce platform

Integrate any ecommerce platform with

  • Enable profitbidding and -optimization on any ecommerce platform
  • Simple and well-documented install process e.g. through Google Tag Manager
  • Used for custom ecommerce solutions and platforms outside our integration portfolio
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Client-side integration to any ecommerce platform

We've developed standard integrations for a long list of ecommerce platforms e.g. Magento 2.0 and Shopify. See the full list here

However, there's a world full of e-commerce platforms and we want to enable everyone to reap the benefits of profit bidding and -optimization.

Our Universal client sideintegration to allows you to track and send the necessary data to

Expected integration time is 1-2 hours depending on your setup, and we've made all the necessary documentation available for you to support the process.

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Profit data from ecommerce platform to Facebook Ads

Send tracking- and profit data from your ecommerce store to Facebook ads and optimize your campaigns and ads based on profit.

Profit data from your ecommerce platform to Google Ads

Connect your ecommerce store to Google ads via the Universal server-side integration and get the best possible baseline for Google Ads optimization.

Profit data from ecommerce platform to Google Analytics

Our profit data provides the most precise indications of your business performance. Our universal server-side integration, connects your e-commerce store to Google Analytics and gives you access to profit data in any Google Analytics report that currently include revenue.


Serverside integration

As good as 100% data foundation and secure connection

Real-time profit data

Profit data is available per order in real time

Other integrations

Ready to stop wasting ad spend?

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